When groundwater is in dispute

Groundwater is an important resource, for drinking water, irrigation, industrial water supply, and for maintaining flow in rivers.

In some instances it also plays an important role in land disputes and planning appeals. Groundwater can be the agent that transports pollutants across site boundaries, or towards third party water supplies.

RExpert witness hydrogeologyising groundwater levels can result in flooding, sometimes caused by underground construction or development.

Falling groundwater levels, or over-abstraction of groundwater can cause derogation of streams or third party water supplies.

And in many instances, developments need to be designed specifically so that they do not threaten groundwater quality.

Expert witness services

Many planning enquiries and legal disputes require groundwater expertise.

Hannah Fraser is an experienced hydrogeologist and land quality consultant with the excellent presentation and communication skills required for expert witness work.

She has undertaken several written reports and given evidence at planning hearings, and would be very interested to find out how she can help with your dispute.