Sustainable re-use of soils

The construction industry generates large volumes of surplus soils which can be beneficially re-used on site, or transferred to other sites. Re-use of soils can dramatically reduce costs associated with landfill tax, and preserves an important natural resource. However, soils may be classified as waste and the correct steps must be taken to re-use them legally. The use of waste soils without the proper authorisation can result in prosecution, fines, and potentially the requirement to remove the material to landfill. We can help you get it right.

Materials Management Plans and Qualified Person declarations

Excavated soils from development sites are subject to waste legislation, unless they are clean naturally occurring materials to be used on the site of origin. Where soils are not clean and naturally occurring, a Materials Management Plan is required to enable these materials to be re-used. A Materials Management Plan is also needed if clean naturally occurring materials are to be transferred to another site (see the Definition of Waste: Code of Practice here

At H Fraser Consulting we can produce your MMP and/or provide a Qualified Person to review your MMP and make the necessary Declaration to enable soils to be re-used.

Waste recovery plans

In some cases, a waste recovery plan will be required to justify re-use of waste soil materials. This includes a requirement to meet the ‘waste recovery test’. You must demonstrate that there is financial gain, or other worthwhile benefit by using non-waste materials. We can help develop your waste recovery strategy and produce a waste recovery plan to support your application for a ‘Deposit for Recovery’ environmental permit (see government guidance here

Environmental permitting and exemptions

There are numerous environmental permits and exemptions that may apply to re-use of soils depending on the origin and intended re-use. We can help you navigate through the maze of government guidance to find the solution that is right for your site.

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