Landfill Services

The HFCL team have over 25 years’ experience working on inert, non-hazardous, and hazardous landfills covering many aspects of landfill development, operation, and closure.

Waste disposal to landfill sites can often become an environmental nuisance as chemical and biological decomposition produces methane and leachate. Without accurate monitoring, sampling and testing in place, these can lead to combustible gas issues and possible contamination of aquifers.

Our team of landfill and waste management professionals deliver effective solutions to both government and private sectors. We are committed to providing our clients with a service that is uniquely tailored to each situation.

Landfill environmental services

We provide the following services:

  • Hydrogeological Risk Assessment
  • Environmental monitoring programmes – gas, leachate, groundwater, surface water
  • Validation Plans
  • Waste Recovery
  • Permitting and exemptions

Our professional qualifications include Chartered Geologists (CGeol), Specialist in Land Condition (SiLC), Suitably Qualified Person (SQP) and Qualified Person (QP) under the CL:AIRE DoW Code of Practice.

Sustainable reuse of soils

For the sustainable re-use of soils, we can also produce your MMP and/or provide a Qualified Person to review your MMP and make the necessary Declaration to enable soils to be re-used. More details can be found here on our dedicated page.

Case studies

  • HIA for existing and proposed landfill development: Provision of hydrogeological impact assessments and associated documents for numerous inert and non-hazardous landfill sites in England and Wales, including data compilation and review, risk assessment modelling, monitoring network and compliance limit review, discussion with relevant regulators, and related report production and presentation.
  • Management of leachate loss to major aquifer: Review of impact of groundwater level recovery on operational and closed landfill sites and their environment. Assessment of likely groundwater level rises when dewatering pumps at operational sites are switched off, and the likely consequences in terms of both potential surface flooding and the mobilisation of contaminants from historical landfill cells.
  • Review and upgrade of groundwater and leachate monitoring networks at several landfill sites: Design of monitoring boreholes and networks, installation supervision, review of data and associated reporting for compliance and assessment purposes.
  • Landfill Extension: Provision of expert hydrogeological advice to a community forum opposing the extension of a hazardous landfill including assessment of groundwater inflows relating to mine shafts, and assessment of basal heave.
  • Hertfordshire Landfill Site: A groundwater risk assessment was requested by the Environment Agency as part of an application for a PPC licence.  A groundwater risk assessment was undertaken to determine the likely risk from the accidental placement of non-inert waste at the site. 
  • Former brickworks: Hydrogeological investigation and assessment of a disused landfill as part of a housing development. Test pumping and numerical modelling were used to determine leachate and groundwater flow volumes to gas ventilation and drainage structures.

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