Re-wilding and re-wetting in an AONB

Re-wilding former farmland is great for natural biodiversity and can lead to beautiful areas of countryside, however careful consideration of surface and groundwater is needed to ensure there aren’t increased flood risks.

A recent project involved advising on the re-wilding and re-wetting of a former sheep farm, along the building of one or more houses. The site is in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). We undertook a detailed desk study and trial pitting at the site to assess the viability of ponds and wetland, with natural flood management measures such as leaky dams to slow flood waters. The study provided the client with direction and advice so they could promote biodiversity and carbon capture during re-wilding of the site, while also mitigating any flood risk to the proposed houses. We look forward to seeing how this beautiful development takes shape in such a stunning location!