Help! My groundwater is polluted!

Many developers, contractors and consultants involved with brownfield land development are fully familiar with the need to undertake site investigations to examine soil and groundwater quality at their sites.

The results of these investigations tell them whether they can proceed as planned or whether they need to remediate the site to make it safe for development.

Detailed Qualitative Risk Assessment

Groundwater remediation can be a complex and costly affair, and it is necessary to set appropriate quality standards so that it is clear when the remediation is complete.

When you need a Detailed Qualitative Risk Assessment

Often, some further data collection and assessment – a detailed quantitative risk assessment , or DQRA – can remove or reduce the need for groundwater remediation, and is well worth some additional expenditure.

Hannah Fraser has a great deal of experience in DQRA and is fully familiar with the regulators expectations for these assessments.

She would be pleased to discuss with you how she can help your development project.

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